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What Is The Best Hydraulic Oil For A Log Splitter

What Is The Best Hydraulic Oil For A Log Splitter?

A perfectly maintained hydraulic fluid wood splitter means a faster yard clean-up with less maintenance. Current technological improvements have seen people use different hydraulic splitters, including an electric log splitter and gas log splitters. However, the use of splitters that use hydraulic systems requires a deeper understanding for better results. Your hydraulic log splitter requires the right motor oil for it to function optimally. Therefore, manufacturers will give the best recommendations for your machine to… Read More »What Is The Best Hydraulic Oil For A Log Splitter?

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Log Splitter

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Log Splitter?

Split firewood lights up and warms you better than the chunks of wood. You don’t have to be caught up by winter to begin this crucial preparation. With the proper timings, you can also enjoy the best deals.  Once you acquire a log splitter, you will make your work easier and achieve more output. But when is the best time to buy a log splitter? Don’t worry, as you have our detailed guide with the… Read More »When Is The Best Time To Buy A Log Splitter?

Jonsered VS Stihl VS Husqvarna Chainsaws

Jonsered vs Stihl vs Husqvarna Chainsaws: Which Brand Is the Best?

These three chainsaws are among the top brands in woodwork power equipment, but do you know the differences? Can you pick Jonsered from Stihl and Husqvarna?  In the woodwork field, you will find the veterans with either of these three brands in their workshops. They continue to attract constant recommendations from industry leaders. But this recommendation is not in vain. The trio has a podium finish that matches its quality. The price tag isn’t a… Read More »Jonsered vs Stihl vs Husqvarna Chainsaws: Which Brand Is the Best?

Which is Better Gas or Battery Hedge Trimmer

Which Does the Job Better: Gas or Electric Hedge Trimmer?

Nothing completes the beauty of your backyard than well-trimmed hedges. However, trimming once is never enough. You need to maintain the hedges and trim regularly. In that case, you will need a trimmer. If you’ve ever used a manual hedge trimmer or shears to trim your hedges, you know how time-consuming and tiresome they are. So, to achieve the best results, what should you opt for?  Powered hedge trimmers are the best option for maintaining… Read More »Which Does the Job Better: Gas or Electric Hedge Trimmer?

What Lawn Mower Blade Do I Need

What Lawn Mower Blade Do I Need?

Who doesn’t love a well-maintained and mowed lawn? Well, we all want a yard with short grass and clean cuts. Besides investing in a lawnmower, you need suitable blades to achieve clean cuts and a lush yard. The blade you have installed in your mower is a significant determinant of the cut quality the mower will achieve. Therefore, you must understand the different blades you can use and their working functionality.  Mostly, mowers are limited… Read More »What Lawn Mower Blade Do I Need?

Are Chainsaw Chains Interchangeable

Are Chainsaw Chains Interchangeable?

If you are new to chainsaws, you might be wondering if you can interchange the chain when it becomes blunt. However, this is always confusing since numerous brands have various chain types. You might not have an idea if a particular brand or type of chain is a good fit for your chainsaw or not. The most fundamental key is always to know the type of chain you are using, the dimensions, and the tasks… Read More »Are Chainsaw Chains Interchangeable?

Are Lawn Edgers Worth It

Are Lawn Edgers Worth it?

Having a well-trimmed and mowed lawn makes your home appear beautiful and raises your confidence whenever you have visitors. You should also strive always to have well-trimmed hedges and cut your grass to ensure your lawn is evergreen. Achieving all these requires more than a lawn mower. Since lawn mowers are bulky and wide, they may not reach areas such as flower beds, walkways, and paved driveways. If you decide not to mow these areas,… Read More »Are Lawn Edgers Worth it?

Is String Trimmer Line Biodegradable

Is String Trimmer Line Biodegradable?

First of all, let’s enlighten ourselves. What are string trimmers? They are handy machines used to cut weeds and grass. For a traditional string trimmer line, its working mechanism involves the nylon line, a synthetic polymer whirring that revolves at high speed—as a result, trimming the weeds, shrubs, and grass. Does a biodegradable line trimmer even exist? That’s a question you would probably ask yourself once you come across a line trimmer scattering tiny plastic… Read More »Is String Trimmer Line Biodegradable?

How to Cut Down a Tree without a Chainsaw

How to Cut Down a Tree without a Chainsaw?

A chainsaw is a multipurpose tool which you can accomplish many chores like bucking, felling, and even pruning. But what can you do when you lack this tool in your arsenal, and you have tree logs to cut at your disposal? Luckily several workable alternatives still serve the purpose. In this write-up, we have elaborated on other methods, tools, and ideas that equally serve the query of cutting logs without a chainsaw. Remember, these are… Read More »How to Cut Down a Tree without a Chainsaw?

How To Use A Planer For Wood Properly?

How To Use A Planer For Wood Properly?

A planer for wood is among the most accurate carpentry tools made to mill rough lumber. Often, wood planes are used to smoothen pieces of wood into either narrow edges or smooth edges. However, a wood planer is used to cut wood pieces into the thickness and shape you desire.   To use these woodworking tools requires a more profound knowledge of the power planer basics and enough experience. Woodwork ensures that experience comes with constant… Read More »How To Use A Planer For Wood Properly?