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When Is The Best Time To Buy A Log Splitter?

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Log Splitter

Split firewood lights up and warms you better than the chunks of wood. You don’t have to be caught up by winter to begin this crucial preparation. With the proper timings, you can also enjoy the best deals. 

Once you acquire a log splitter, you will make your work easier and achieve more output. But when is the best time to buy a log splitter? Don’t worry, as you have our detailed guide with the right timing.  

We will reveal when to expect the best deals, when to upgrade, and whether to buy an electric, gas, or manual splitter. 

What Time of Year Is Best To Buy A Splitter?

You do not have to be a weather expert to answer this question correctly. Before you throw in your answer, you can probably analyze the time of the year when you need firewood most. When winter comes knocking, we all want to keep warm, and so they need firewood. 

Like the proverbial collect hay when it is still dry, that is the logic for splitting firewood earlier in winter. The season begins in the middle of December. 

If you do not have a stack enough to take you through the season, it is all regrets. Be prepared for substantial electricity bills through the cold months, in worst scenarios, a freezing house when the annoying power outages come.

Fortunately, that’s the reason we are here to save you from disappointments. Our first recommendation will be to split wood long before the season clocks in. You will have time to dry wood in the summer heat if you have green logs.

Green firewood is smoky and dangerous for your health. Besides the irritating fumes, the wood doesn’t light up quickly.

If you do not have sufficient dry firewood, you may be forced to procure from the wise men who chopped theirs during the dry season. Or from expensive wood dealers. Otherwise, it is a challenge to solve the problem of green firewood. Some folks resolve by going back to expensive and unreliable electric heaters.

So, when is the best time of the year to buy a splitter? To be precise, earlier enough before the winter strikes. You can purchase many months earlier and any time of the year when there are great deals. 

When the splitter is not in high demand, the price will always be lower. You can check out the prices after winter. Some stores have special deals to entice you to buy the tool even if you may not require it. But it isn’t a big deal to buy when you do not need the device. You will be acting as the wise man. 

Just buy and keep the splitter in the store, awaiting the splitting exercise when you are ready and before winter clocks in. 

When To Buy A Splitter To Find The Best Deals?

Like other tools, log splitters are costly. But there are times when you can save cash by purchasing the tool when there are special offers and better deals. Mostly, the deals come when we least expect; and that is when we do not need a splitter. 

Just for comparison purposes, Christmas trees sell at a throw-away price in January. Who in their right mind makes such purchases? It is pretty ridiculous to be seen carrying home a Christmas tree in January or even June. The rush hour is just days before the holiday when the prices get up in the sky!

When to find the best deals for log splitters? Just after the winter season! The secret is that you do not need the tool. Go for a log splitter in March. 

You will be surprised at a price. It could even be lower than half the original price. Again, be wise! You can also expect better deals throughout the year but not from October to December. 

There are other special occasions where you might be lucky to get a log splitter at unbelievable offers. Ever heard of Black Friday? Most shops and stores are making this crazy sale. The crazy offers match with the united states thanksgiving day, where they sell items at discounted prices.

Usually, it is a Friday towards the end of November, but the day differs with the calendar year. You could check out if log splitters are on special discount this Black Friday. It isn’t a guarantee, but if you are lucky to get one, you can work on your firewood before mid-December clocks in.

Other deals come on easter and public holidays. Keep an eye on online and your local dealers for the best log splitter deals. But remember that it is not a guarantee that the tool will be on the promotional sale list. Be wise and get your tool in advance to avoid damp inconveniences.

When Should I Upgrade My Log Splitter?

Generally, when you use a tool for an extended period, it is natural that you may want to upgrade to a newer model. There are other reasons you may want to upgrade, but when is the right time to get a new log splitter?

1. Running slow

Is your splitter running slow? Does it take you longer to split a log than usual? It’s time to bring home a new tool. At a snail’s pace, you will waste time and get weary before you accomplish your task. Ideally, your machine’s system is depleted and wants to retire. Start looking for the best deals in town.

2. Consistent problem

From mechanical failures to oil leaks to slow spinning that will not improve even after spending thousands of dollars to bring it to life. Those should be tell-tale signs of a log splitter that does not require further fixing but an upgrade. You should not spend money on a tool that keeps on breaking shortly after replacing its parts.

3. Downsizing or Upsizing?

If you are downsizing, there is no point in keeping a larger splitter that you have been using for years. You can sell it and get a smaller tool that equals your needs. Either way, you don’t have to put up with a smaller tool that does not meet your requirements. That is possible if you move to a bigger house that requires more warmth. The firewood requirements will be more, thus a larger log splitter to hack those large diameter logs for your multiple fireplaces. 

4. Hardwood or softwood?

Small log splitters are ideal for softwood. There are more enormous beasts that rip hardwood like paper. Analyze your needs and upgrade to a more precise log splitter.

5. Manual, gas, or electric?

If you have a manual log splitter, you may need to move to a modern, efficient and fast tool. A gas or electric splitter will be the best choice for an upgrade. In addition, if you require greater output, you may have to upgrade to a gas or electric splitter. 

The same can be the opposite; you may want a manual tool for your rural setting, where gasoline and electricity are unavailable. If you moved to such places, you could decide to buy a log splitter that you will manually use to work on your logs. 

Which log splitters are best?

Like many woodwork tools, how do you choose a wood splitter between electric, Gas, or Manual log splitters?

Manual log splitters

Manual log splitters are standalone machines that allow you to split or break down your logs with a push of a lever. You load the wood into the top and then use your hand to pull down the tool. When you push the piece of wood, it hits on another surface and splits into two. You repeat the process until you get your desired sizes. The manual log splitters rely on the physical strength of the operator. 


  • Lower price tag: Manual log splitters are less expensive than gas and electric splitters. 
  • Easy to use tools.
  • Require little maintenance. 
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Alternative to electric and gas-powered models.
  • Manual log splitters are portable, thus easier for maneuverability in tight spots.
  • Efficient 
  • No major breakdowns. 
  • Portable
  • No power source required, so no monthly bills.
  • Hardy and durable.


  • They are old fashion style that requires the help of other tools like ax and chisels.
  • Requires physical strength and effort to operate. 
  • Manual log splitters consume time.
  • Not very secure as there are no kickback controls.
  • Not reliable if you want more output.

Electric Log splitter

The log splitter is electrically driven, thus comes with a power code to channel the power from a source. 


  • Speed tool with high splitting force.
  • Great output.
  • The splitters have kickbacks control.
  • Modern style that does not require extra tools to split wood.
  • Effortless operations. 
  • Lightweight as it has no gas tank.
  • Antislip surface.
  • Durable.
  • High quality


  • Highly-priced.
  • A slight breakdown requires mechanical attention.
  • Requires skills to operate.
  • Requires power to operate.
  • Heavier than manual log splitters.
  • Not portable.
  • High cost of maintenance.

Gas Log splitters

The gas log splitters are fuel run tools. They come with a gas tank for holding the fuel, which accounts for their heavyweight. Once you start a gas log splitter, it will function as an electric splitter. The only difference is the power source.


  • Speedy operations
  • Great output.
  • The splitters have kickback controls and other safety features.
  • Antislip surface.
  • Effortless operations.
  • Portable.
  • Durable.
  • High quality
  • Great splitting force.


  • They are the heaviest of all, the three log splitters.
  • Expensive but not like the electric log splitters.
  • High cost of maintenance.
  • Requires skills to run.
  • Buying and working around with cans of gas is an inconvenience.

Buying A Log Splitter Based On Time Of Year

In an overview, you can buy a log splitter any time of the year. The tool is not seasonal and is available throughout the year in most hardware stores. But there are times of the year when a log splitter is a necessity.

Just before the coldest month, the tool may even trade for double the price. Everyone needs it and is lining up for the tool in the store. It is not wise to go shopping for a log splitter unless time caught up with you and you have no alternative.

The unwritten rule is, buy your log splitter when no one needs the tool. It may look like an uphill task to remember that you have to buy a log splitter when no one is buying it, but it pays. It is that time of the year when you will get the best deals.

You can even buy a splitter for $1 if you are the luckiest guy on Black Friday! But it is not a guarantee. Our recommendation on purchasing a log splitter based on the year is soon after the winter. Winter is the best deals on log splitters. That will keep you armed with the tool in preparation for the following winter. But if there is a financial restriction, that should not kill you. Go for the tool when your budget allows!

The round-up

A log splitter becomes a necessity as winter approaches around the corner. You will need the tool to prepare yourself for the coldest season of the year. If you do not get your wood on time, the season catches up with you. Finally, you missed best time to buy a log splitter.

The bills will be extremely high if you choose to warm your house with electricity. Wood is cheaper, especially if you have logs of wood lying in your backyard. 

You can choose a manual, gas, or electric-driven log splitter to carry out your splitting task. A few months before winter, your firewood will be dry and easy to light if you do this.

But getting the wood splitter is not as easy as many perceive. The idea of buying the tool escapes your mind throughout the year and only comes back when snowing is fast approaching. Sometimes, the budget does not allow it because the tool is highly overpriced as winter approaches.

If you haven’t stocked a log splitter, check out for the deals like Black Fridays and other offers in your local stores. These are not guaranteed, but you can buy the splitter when no one else is interested in the tool shortly after the winter. The sellers are desperate to sell out their stocks and will always give you an offer!

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