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Jonsered vs Stihl vs Husqvarna Chainsaws: Which Brand Is the Best?

Jonsered VS Stihl VS Husqvarna Chainsaws

These three chainsaws are among the top brands in woodwork power equipment, but do you know the differences? Can you pick Jonsered from Stihl and Husqvarna? 

In the woodwork field, you will find the veterans with either of these three brands in their workshops. They continue to attract constant recommendations from industry leaders.

But this recommendation is not in vain. The trio has a podium finish that matches its quality. The price tag isn’t a great deal as the chainsaws deliver accordingly. Indeed, they are the finest chainsaws in the field.

Let’s dive deeper into each one to Compare Jonsered, Stihl & Husqvarna Chainsaws;

Are jonsered chainsaws any good?

Jonsered chainsaw is a Swedish saw with impressive records in the industry. The company is an affiliate of Husqvarna, and both have a history with Electrolux. Currently, the brands are standalone.  Back to Swedish history; Although the tool’s origin is in this European country, it is also gaining popularity in other places worldwide.

Its rigidity and versatility make it an effective cutting and ripping tool. Besides, it is a single man’s saw, meaning you can work singly without a helping hand and still meet your targets effectively. Overall, the Jonsered chain is basic and has a high-quality grade.


  1. Safety features

Chainsaws’ greatest hazard is kickbacks or unexpected movements. It happens when an object comes into contact with the upper quadrant of the bar’s tip. A kickback is dangerous as it can give you serious injuries. 

All the Jonsered chainsaws have chain breaks to prevent kickbacks. In addition, is the chain-catcher to stop the chain from flying backwards. The right-hand guard, stop button, and throttle lock are all conveniently positioned for you to access in case of an emergency.

  1. Heated Handles

Heated handles are a unique comfort feature for warming your hands during the cold winter seasons.  Not even the cold season will bar you from cutting down trees or chopping firewood.

  1. Quick Acceleration

Quick Acceleration enables a chainsaw to move faster and cut through wood smoothly. Working with Jonsered is a smooth-cutting experience due to its swiftness.

  1. Clean Engine

Jonsered chainsaws have two-stroke engines that utilize both gas and oil to run. Both engines can emit harmful chemicals, but not with a Jonsered chainsaw. The saw has a clean engine system that reduces emissions by 75 percent and boosts fuel efficiency by 20 percent.

  1. Spin Start

If you have worked with different chainsaws, you may have experienced a difficult start. Jonsered chainsaws have easier to start engines. The spin start is quick and lowers the engine’s starting resistance by 40%.  

  1. Air Cleaning

Jonsered comes to an air filtration system. Its turbo cleaning system is modified to eliminate 97% of sawdust to avoid clogging the saw’s filter. That way, both the engine and the filter enjoy a longer lifespan.  

  1. Anti-vibration

Antivibration is both a comfort and safety feature. This brand of chainsaws has anti-vibration technology that extends to a shock-resistant handle for easier control of the chains.

Pros and cons

Like any other tool, the Jonsered chainsaw has both the strengths and weaknesses; 


  • Cost

Jonsered chainsaws are low-end priced saws. If you run to the most popular stores like Amazon, Home Depot, and Menards, you can get the saw between$100 and $300, depending on the model.

  • Easy to find

Most stores like the ones we mentioned above stock Jonsered chainsaws. You will not mist this brand even in your local hardware shop.

  • Maintenance

Jonsered chainsaw models are easy to maintain. Firstly, they have a turbo air cleaning system that ensures sawdust does not clog the air filter. In addition, Jonsered has a tool-free tensioning feature to tighten the chain or loosen when required. With the chainsaw’s detailed manual, maintenance is easy as the guidelines are straightforward.

  • Durable

Jonsered chainsaw parts are made of durable components that give the tool a longer life. That also includes a powerful engine capable of cutting all types of wood. 

  • Antivibration

This brand has antivibration features to offer you comfort and safety when in operation. It is also an anti-fatigue feature that allows you to work for longer hours.

  • Transparent fuel tank

The feature allows easy monitoring of fuel levels to avoid disappointments mid-task.


  • Jonsered chainsaws are prone to clutch overheating.
  • The saw produces high emissions from gas and oil engine.

When to use Jonsered chainsaw

Jonsered chainsaws are an excellent quality and multi-use brand that is available for almost every tier of applications. You can go with the saw deep in the woods as you only require a jerrycan of fuel to operate the tool. Other specifications are top-notch with your choice you depending on your applications.

Are Stihl chainsaws worth the money?

Stihl chainsaws are also by a famous German brand. Stihl. Like the Jonsered chainsaws, the company has a long history of making woodwork tools, among other woodwork and farm machinery.



Stihl has a large engine with high horsepower. That makes the chainsaw great for working on tough jobs like hardwood, tough logs, and ripping knots. 

Fuel tank

Stihl fuel tank is small, lighter, and economical. The feature reduces unnecessary weight on the chainsaw, making it easy to work and carry around. 


This chainsaw has an inbuilt antivibration technology for reducing the shock when in operation. The technology makes it easy for you to control the saw and work all day without getting tired.

Safety features

With Stihl, you have got several safety features.  The all-in-one safety system reduces accidents and includes kickback controls, convenient shut-off buttons, chain breaks, and many more. 

Pros and cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a Stihl chainsaw;


  • Excellent safety features.
  • The saw has anti-vibration technology for comfort and antifatigue.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Small fuel tanks that are economical and lightweight.
  • Powerful extorque engines.
  • Durable brand.


  • The small fuel tank can be a disadvantage if you intend to work for longer hours.
  • Stihl doesn’t produce gas chainsaws.
  • High-end priced saws.
  • Not available on online stores.

When to use Stihl

Stihl chainsaws are electrically driven. If you only intend a tool for use in your workshop, this saw is excellent; otherwise, you will not use it in the woods where there is no power outlet.

Is a Husqvarna a good chainsaw? Why?

Husqvarna chainsaw is a saw technology by the same brand name, Husqvarna. The name is not new in woodwork, as most of the tools go by the same brand.

Have a closer look!



Husqvarna uses X-torq engines in its chainsaws. The technology is powerful, fast, and super-efficient. 

Fuel tank

The saw offers a large fuel tank to avoid stops mid tasks; however, the big tank adds weight making it difficult to lift the saw for long hours.


Husqvarna’s anti-vibration technology is beyond comparison. It’s known as Low-Vib technology for reducing vibrations. Although Husqvarna chainsaws are heavy, this feature makes it comfortable for you to work for longer hours without getting tired.


For chainsaws to remain in your workshop for many years, you have to keep high maintenance levels; but some tools won’t last long even with the high degree of maintenance. That is not Husqvarna chainsaws. The saw tends to have greater detail on maintenance features that make them easy to handle and keep. 


Stihl and jonsered come with warranties but Husqvarna brand superceeds all. The brand’s warranty is between four and five years. You can count on Husqvarna customer service if your chain saw breaks under a warranty contract.

Safety features

Husqvarna is a winner in safety features. Stihl and Jonsered have excellent safety features, but the Husqvarna brand incorporates unquestionable all-in-one safety switches, low kickbacks, and convenient buttons for emergency breaks.

Pros and cons

Husqvarna is a top-quality chainsaw, but it comes with its merits and demerits.


  • Husqvarna’s large capacity tank holds more fuel.
  • Powerful X-torq engine technology
  • Low maintenance chainsaw.
  • Superior safety features.
  • Low-Vib technology to reduce fatigue.
  • High-quality and durable chainsaw.
  • Extended warranty.


  • Heavy chainsaws.
  • Expensive saws.

When to use husqvarna chainsaws

You can use Husqvarna chainsaws anywhere, whether in your workshop or far away in the forest. The big tank capacity allows you to work for longer hours without breaks to refuel the saw. If you require large output in your application, go for Husqvarna chainsaws. They deliver efficiently.

Stihl Versus Husqvarna Versus Jonsered: Which Is Best Chainsaw for Me? 

Overall, Johsered, Stihl, and Husqvarna make brilliant chainsaws. Depending on your application, any of the above chainsaws will solve your problem. 

But comparing the three, our team of experts came up with the Husqvarna brand as the winner. Sthil came second, while Jonsered was third. The ranking does not mean that Jonsered is a lousy brand.

Husqvarna came top because of its X-torque engine that is super-powerful. The chainsaw engine is operational by gas, making it flexible to carry in places with no power connections. 

Although Jonsered offers the same flexibility, its engine is not as rigid as Husqvarna’s. Stihl chainsaw will be helpful if you are hunting for a workshop tool or a tool to use within power-connected areas. Husqvarna is excellent for deep forest commercial woodwork.

Safety-wise, all the chainsaws win, but for efficiency and better cutting, Husqvarna scoops the title. Comparing Jonsered vs Stihl vs Husqvarna Chainsaws availability, Stihl pulls the tail as it is unavailable online.

Your choice for the best tool lies in your applications. Nevertheless, go for the brand with safety, flexibility, and unique modern features.

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