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What Are The Fastest Log Splitters You Can Buy?

Fastest Log Splitters

Log splitters save you countless hours, and that you would have wasted splitting wood with an ax. Splitting wood with crude or slow tools is super tiring. 

Besides the time wastage, fatigue, and back pains associated with manual work, you don’t want winter to catch up with you. You want to accomplish the exercise and move on to other tasks.

In this case, you want a speedy wood splitter. You have tried the electric, manual, and gas splitters, but they are not up to the task. 

Ever heard of kinetic log splitters? These are the fastest, and would be your last option will be the kinetic log splitter.

Manual log splitters are extremely slow tools that give you the lowest output. But the electric and gas splitters provide a better option, almost at the same speed. Both use a hydraulic motor to function. You will work at an average time of about 12 – 15 seconds. 

Comparing the above hydraulic log splitters with the kinetic ones, the latter works six to eight times faster at two seconds. Impressive, right?

So you have the answer to the question about the worlds fastest wood splitter you can buy; kinetic log splitters are the fastest. They work at impressive speed, have powerful horsepower, and are sturdily built. 

But that’s not all; we reveal why these log splitters are the fastest. You will also have a chance to pick the world’s fastest wood splitter. 

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What are Kinetic log splitters?

Kinetic splitters have massively constructed flywheels that convert energy from the motor or engine into a force that drives the plate into a log, splitting it apart. But how do these splitters work? 

You can only grasp how the kinetic splitters work by comparing them with the hydraulic log splitters.

The splitter that’s lying on your garage is probably manual, gas, or electrically driven. If it is manual, it is nowhere near a speed machine. The electric and gas splitters use hydraulic pumps to operate, thus hydraulic log splitter. If you haven’t seen a kinetic log splitter, you may not understand its speed. But the rate is six to eight times faster than a hydraulic log splitter. 

Have a glance at how the kinetic splitters function;

A kinetic splitter’s motor joins two flywheels that balance on each side with a belt. Whenever you start the motor, it spins the flywheel and stores its kinetic energy in the flywheels. 

You use its handle to engage the rack and pinion system. The system is similar to a clutch. When you engage the system, it releases energy to the ram. 

In turn, the ram hurtles at extremely high speed. That’s what splits the log; high speed and force. The cycle time is about 2.3 seconds, which is quite fast compared to 12 to 15 seconds.

What this short video to clasp how a kinetic splitter operates

What Makes This Splitter So Fast, Know The Facts?

One single fact about kinetic log splitters is that they are faster than hydraulic log splitters. And that is the most impressive fact. 

Kinetic log splitter works at electrifying speed, usually six or more times faster. The ram goes out and back in a blink of an eye, saving you time and energy.

But what makes the kinetic splitter so fast? The flywheel system!

In this splitter machine, the flywheel system is well-built. The sturdy system stores energy from the engine or motor in spinning flywheels. In turn, the system forcefully releases energy and pops through logs with high speed. 

Besides the lightning speed, there are more incredible facts about this log splitter.

Kinetic Log Splitter: Know The Facts

1. A Kinetic Log Splitter Is Faster Than A Hydraulic Splitter

You cannot compare this log splitter’s speed with the gas and electric splitters. The hydraulic splitters produce slow push, which makes them slow to split. Kinetic splitter’s force/energy comes in a quick thrust, thus fast to split logs. 

2. The kinetic log splitter full cycle time is 2.5 seconds, while the hydraulic splitter full cycle time is 15 seconds.

We have slower hydraulic splitters with a 30-seconds range. This time range adds up to the splitting time, which averages six times slower than kinetic splitter models.

3. Kinetic Log Splitters Are Easier To Maintain Than Hydraulic Splitters

These models have no hydraulic pumps and oil to maintain. With the kinetic log splitters, you will not experience oil valve leaks and messy pumps. The splitter only requires regular engine checks to make sure that the parts are functional. 

4. There Are Electric Kinetic Log Splitters

If you didn’t know, the electric kinetic log splitter version just hit the market. The model is superior and requires low maintenance. But this is not the regular kinetic model; it is a beat that can split large logs quickly.

With its tons of power, it surpasses the electric-powered hydraulic log splitters by far. If you get hold of the electric kinetic log splitter, you will have cracked a deal!  

5. Kinetic Log Splitters Are Not Measured In Tonnage

In log splitter stores, tonnage is not a new term. It is the measure for splitters, and not all splitters, but hydraulic. A splitter log tonnage is equivalent to its power. It is the accurate measure of power for this device. 

But for the kinetic log splitters, that’s different. Measuring the tool’s power in tonnage will not be accurate because the force from the splitter is not a prolonged push but a quick thrust. 

When you pop into the store to get yourself a kinetic splitter, you will hear the term out split. Fo example, that kinetic splitter out splits this splitter.  

6. Kinetic Technology Is Not A New Concept

This technology has been around you for the longest time you can imagine! It’s been applied in many machines, from the accident mill machinery to modern designs like the log splitter.  

Kinetic tools are easy to use and have low maintenance levels. So, don’t shy off getting one for splitting those huge logs lying around your compound to strike the Jack Frost!

7. Kinetic Log Splitters Are Power Dragons

If you question these log splitter performance, the tools are power dragons that handle the toughest logs. Kinetic log splitters are loaded with powerful energy that thrusts quickly, splitting apart even the oldest and the toughest hardwood in your backyard. 

This tool outsmarts many electric hydraulic log splitters. Even the knotty logs are not spared either, as this powerful tool pops through the large-diameter logs at a flashy speed. 

Four Top Rated Fastest Log Splitters

Hunting the the worlds fastest wood splitter? Check out our list below for the best power log splitter.

1. Generac 10-Ton Kinetic Electric Log Splitter

This guy is top on the list of the fastest electric log splitter. Generac kinetic splitter has insanely the quickest cycle speed that saves you from waiting. With its few moving parts, this tool is the simplest to use.

You cannot compare any hydraulic splitters and their pumps, pistons, hoses, valves, and fluids that you have to keep an eye on everyone’s time. 

Generac 10-ton is powerful. It comes with 490 rpm flywheel spins that store energy from its 110-volt electric motor. The beast will unleash its energy through the rack and pinion gear taking the ram only a second cycle time to split any log. Generac 10-ton can split 12 diameter and 16 inch long logs in an eye’s blink.


  • Safe for using indoor use
  • A fairly long 2-year limited warranty
  • The incredible speed saves you time.
  • Heavy and durable machine (132 lbs)
  • Safe to use. 
  • Great for fastest way to split wood.
  • Auto-retracting ram.
  • Compact for easy storage.


  • Lacks the power to split large and knotty logs.

2. Powerhorse Horizontal Double Flywheel Kinetic Electric Log Splitter

This powerful 7-ton kinetic, eclectic log splitter comes with an electric motor for extended service lifespan. The machine has an inbuilt log cradle. Besides catching each piece of wood that splits, it is a safety feature. 

No wood will land on your foot as the landing area is away from your leg. In addition, the cradle eliminates unnecessary bending to gather the split wood.

The double flywheel is extra-fast. You will work with a two-second cycle time technology that guarantees you nothing but killer speed.


  • You can use the machine indoors without worrying about carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • The electric power option makes the double flywheel ultra fast.
  • Durable design.
  • Compact.
  • Its cradle eliminates stooping.
  • Auto-retracting ram.
  • Safe to use.


  • Few reviews about the machine.

3. Sportsman Earth Series 19 ( Kinetic Log Splitter)

Sportsman Earth Series 19 utilizes kinetic energy to work on its target. The faster cycle time allows you to cut more wood in less time, as chopping up the wood is quicker and easier. As usual in most kinetic log splitters, the cycle time is an ultra-fast 2 seconds. 

Your safety is paramount; you are safe operating this machine, thanks to the double handle operation. That also includes two rubber wheels, 12″ by 4.88″ – 8″, for safer and easy mobility. 

But the machine is also easy to start the engine; it’s a pull, recoil, and start step. Its kinetic motion is equated to a 10-ton hydraulic power engine/motor. You can work comfortably with a maximum log length of 21″ and a maximum log diameter of 13.75″. 

Earth Series 19 weighs 100 lbs, is compact and easy to assemble. The experience is overly different from hydraulic splitters as there is no jam in performance. You will end up with fastest way to split wood than you expected. 


  • Easy to assemble parts.
  • Simple controls.
  • Ultrafast machine with excellent output.
  • Clear user instructions.
  • Easy start.
  • Wood drop tray guards you against injury.
  • Safe to use.
  • Compact machine for easy storing.


  • Few reviews limit new users’ information.

4. Detail K2 (OPS240) 40 Ton Kinetic – Ultimate Speed 1 Sec. Gas Log Splitter

Detail K2 is a commercial 4000 RPM, The fastest gas powered log splitter that comes with at three years engine warranty. It is also one of the fastest log splitters you can buy around. 

The machine’s ram is heat-treated and is equivalent to a 40 Ton hydraulic log splitter. 

In addition, the ram is reinforced with a bearing glide force and auto retraction technology.

Its worktable is oversize to allow space for placing the log. It also comprises durable steel. With the wide solid steel wedge, rest assured that you will dog into any log size and split it within no moments.

Detail K2 is a powerful, insanely fastest gas powered log splitter; one second cycle time if you love ultra-speed. That means the ram splits a log and returns to its position in a second. With such a short log splitter, you will fill your backyard with enough wood within minutes.


  • Fast cycle time.
  • Speedy log splitter.
  • Durable.
  • Low maintenance as there are no hydraulic parts.
  • Safe to use.
  • Automatic retracting ram.
  • Compact.


  •  Detail K2 has very few customer reviews. That may raise the alarm on the performance and user experience of this magnificent machine.

The Round-up

The world’s fastest wood splitter has a one-second cycle time. That is the time the ram takes to strike on the wood and go back to its position. Such speed is incomparable with the fastest electric log splitter, which has a 12 seconds cycle time. That’s 12 times slower than the fastest kinetic wood splitter. 

The machine is a worthy venture. A kinetic log splitter will fill your yard with more wood than you expect within a few hours. Although the machines are few in the market, we have managed to give you four options. Any of the tools will give you the perfect output. Split your logs effortlessly with the fastest log splitter and save your time and energy.

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