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How Much Does a Hedge Trimmer Cost?

How Much Does a Hedge Trimmer Cost

If you are like me, you love having a well-maintained garden with professionally looking hedges. To achieve a beautiful garden, you will need the services of a hedge trimmer. Hedge trimmers are versatile gardening tools that help trim and clear bushes, hedges, and shrubs. Traditionally, one had to trim the hedges manually, but with recent technology, you can use powered hedge trimmers. 

Whether you need an electric hedge trimmer or a gas-powered one, their cost is one of the most significant considerations. Are hedge trimmers expensive? Well, the price of hedge trimmers varies from one model to another depending on the power output and features of the model. More so, hedge trimmers with added features such as SmartStart Technology are always more expensive. 

Averagely, most hedge trimmers will have a price tag ranging from $100 to $300 or more. You can also get manual hedge trimmers that are simple and less powerful for as low as $10! Generally, most electric models, i.e., corded or battery-powered hedge trimmers, go for about $50 to $450. Gas-powered hedge trimmers which produce more power can range from $150 to $700.

These prices are approximate averages since hedge trimmer prices vary depending on models. Go through this article to find out more about how much different hedge trimmers cost. 

How Much Do the Different Types of Hedge Trimmers Cost?

To better understand the cost of hedge trimmers, you need to first decide on the type of hedge trimmer you want to purchase. The design, power, and features will determine the hedge trimmer’s cost. Let’s look at the different hedge trimmer types and their respective prices. 

How Much Does a Manual Hedge Trimmer Cost? 

Though some people still use manual hedge trimmers, these tools were used traditionally before the powered options became available in the marketplace. They are the most basic and inexpensive hedge trimmers that you can get.

Most basic hand shears will cost around $10, while the complex, higher reaching, and telescopic manual hedge trimmer go for around $40. However, you can also purchase high-quality manual hedge trimmers that go for $150 or higher. 

It is imperative to note that manual hedge trimmers are not recommended for bulk trimming and cutting tasks. You can use a manual hedge trimmer to trim and put your hedges into shape. However, they require a lot of energy and cannot be used for complex tasks since they are powered.

How Much Does an Electric (Corded) Hedge Trimmer Cost?

Electric hedge trimmers can be corded or cordless (battery-powered). The corded models usually have a price tag ranging from $30 to $130. The following factors will determine how much the hedge trimmer costs: 

  • Power rating 
  • Tooth gap
  • Blade length 
  • Cable length 
  • Body and build quality 

Electric hedge trimmers are designed to trim small gardens and yards around the homestead with medium to normal-sized branches. The main disadvantage of using a corded hedge trimmer is the limitation of the trimming area. Since they require to be connected to a source of power, the cord length will prevent you from reaching certain areas. They also pose a severe health hazard since you may accidentally cut through the power cord while trimming.

If your yard is large, you will be forced to buy another extension cord to increase the length and ensure that you reach all areas. The extension cord will add more expenses though power cords are not so expensive since they cost about $15 to $30. 

How Much Does a Battery (Cordless) Hedge Trimmer Cost?

Cordless hedge trimmers use batteries as their power source and therefore do not require a power cord connected to a power source. Averagely, cordless hedge trimmers’ price ranges from $50 to $200. The cost mainly depends on the tooth gap, blade length, running time, and the charging time of the battery. 

Cordless hedge trimmers provide you with the freedom to roam around the garden since they do not require power cords. However, even with this freedom, they still have limited running time since a single battery charge can’t last long. If you work for long hours, you will have to keep charging the battery after it is depleted, which is time-consuming and inconvenient. 

Many cordless hedge trimmer users buy additional batteries to replace it whenever one depletes its charge. The Li-ion batteries are durable since they last two to three years. These replacement batteries go for around $50 to $150. 

How Much Does a Gas Hedge Trimmer Cost?

Gas hedge trimmers are powerful, and therefore, their costs range between $130 and $700. The price is mainly dependent on the power ratings and engine-built quality. More so, the price is affected by the length of the blade, additional features, and tooth gap.

Gas-powered hedge trimmers provide the best performance, produce high-power output, and cut through hedges faster. Therefore, they are ideal for bulk cutting tasks and are used for extended periods. However, they are expensive to buy and maintain since they require fueling, replacing the oil and filters, and winterizing. 

How Much Does a Pole Hedge Trimmer Cost?

Since some hedges are very tall, you need a trimmer to reach those high heights. The pole hedge trimmer comes in handy when you need a trimmer to trim tall bushes, shrubs, and hedges without using a ladder. 

You can use cheap pole hedge trimmer models for as low as $40, but some expensive models go for up to $200. Powerful and high-end models may sell for about $450 or more. The price of the pole hedger trimmer depends on: 

  • The power source of the trimmer 
  • Additional features 
  • Overall reach 
  • Type of the hedge trimmer 

Single-Sided vs. Double-Sided Hedge Trimmer Costs 

The most common hedge trimmers are double-sided trimmers since they are easy to operate. They are designed to accomplish light trimming and cutting tasks. On the other hand, single-sided hedge trimmers are designed to trim large and tall bushes, shrubs, and hedges. Their design includes being lightweight and having the ability to handle a large cutting blade. 

Double-sided hedge trimmers are less expensive than single-sided models due to the difference in design and performance. Since single-sided hedge trimmers are built to accomplish heavy-duty and commercial tasks and produce high power, they tend to be very expensive. Single-sided hedge trimmers can go for up to $500 or more. 

How Much Does a Used Hedge Trimmer Cost?

If you are running on a low budget and need a hedge trimmer, you can buy a used one since it will be cheaper. Hedge trimmers can depreciate by 10-20% every year, depending on the condition and model. Even the high-end hedge trimmers can depreciate by up to 50% after their owners use them for a few years. 

How Much Does the Maintenance of a Hedge Trimmer Cost?

Besides the initial cost of a hedge trimmer, you also need to factor out that your hedge trimmer will require care and maintenance. The maintenance cost for hedge trimmers depends on the type. Here is what to expect: 

  • Electric-powered hedge trimmers: Corded and battery-powered hedge trimmers require minimal maintenance. You only have to regularly clean, lubricate, and sharpen the blades. However, battery-powered trimmers can be costly when replacing the battery. 
  • Gas-powered hedge trimmers: Requires a lot of maintenance. You have to check the engine, change the oil, lubricate, and clean the machine. More so, you have to sharpen the blade regularly. Therefore, maintaining gas hedge trimmers is expensive, but you will enjoy the durability and high power. 
  • Manual trimmers: These trimmers require very little maintenance. You only need to clean them and sharpen the blades. 

Cost of Sharpening

Sharpening the blades of a hedge trimmer is not costly since you can use a standard file. Standard files are cheap to buy since they cost about $7 for one file and $30 or more when buying a whole set. You don’t have to rely on using files. You can opt for a power grinder. 

If you currently don’t own a power grinder, you can purchase one with a budget of around $30 to $80. For the best results, you can decide to use the sharpening services that companies/ professionals provide. The sharpening cost ranges between $15 and $30 for gas and electric-powered hedge trimmers and $6 to $10 for standard manual hedge trimmers. 

Cost for Lubricating

To ensure no lockups, you need to lubricate the blades regularly. Ensure you oil the blades correctly before using them and before storing the trimmer. You can easily do this using a lightweight machine oil which costs around $3 to $10. 

To find out the best lubricants to use and how to lubricate your specific model, read out the hedge trimmer’s user’s manual for instructions. 

Cost for Engine Maintenance

Electric trimmers do not have a gas engine, and therefore their engine requires very minimal maintenances. On the contrary, the gas-powered hedge trimmers are equipped with a 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine, which regularly requires checkup and maintenance.

While using gas trimmers, you will need to change the fuel and air filter, spark plugs, and oil. Though these practices aren’t that expensive, you should consider budgeting an additional $5 to $10 for each maintenance cost. 

The Cost of Operating a Hedge Trimmer

The cheapest hedge trimmer to operate is the electric-powered hedge trimmer. It will only consume low electric units of about $0.05 to $0.08 per operational hour. On the other side, battery-powered trimmers are also cheap to operate since charging the battery does not consume much power. 

However, it is hard to determine the cost per operational hour since you cannot measure the cost of a single battery charge. 

The most expensive type of hedge trimmer is the gas-powered model since they require fuel or gas to run the engine. The expenses are higher when the hedge trimmer is running on a 2-stroke engine that requires one to mix fuel with oil. The premixed fuel means that you will have to spend more by buying gas or fuel and oil.

The fuel consumption of your hedge trimmer will depend on various factors such as: 

  • Engine size 
  • Power output
  • Weather conditions 
  • Altitude 

Due to the above factors, operating a gas-powered hedge trimmer might end up being costly, but you will enjoy speed, power, and efficiency. 

How Much Does Hedge Trimming Cost?

Besides purchasing a hedge trimmer and trimming your garden yourself, you can opt for professional trimming services for a fee. But, how much will the trimming cost? On average, hedge trimming professionals can charge $63 per hour, but the price typically ranges between $48 and $79 per operational hour. 

However, the cost per hour depends on the complexity of the task and various other factors. Therefore, the trimming cost can be as low as $35 or as high as $100 per hour. 

If you need trimming services and you’re wondering how to budget for the costs, you are in the right place. In the next few minutes, you will understand how to budget for professional trimming costs and what to expect. 

Since you cannot determine how many bushes are there is a hedge, professional trimmers estimate the time it may take to complete the task and then charge you accordingly. The trimmers use hourly rates to charge for trimming services.

Besides time, what other factors determine the cost for trimming? The following factors also affect the cost of hedge trimming services: 

Landfill Fees vs. Municipal Pickup

After hedge trimming, the garden is always left with a lot of debris from the bushes, shrubs, and hedges that have been cut. The debris should be disposed of to leave the garden clean. You can request the lawn crew to haul the debris away after they have finished trimming. If the debris is enormous, the crew may charge you extra fees for removing it. 

The cost of removing the debris will vary between $25 to $55 per job, depending on the amount that needs to be hauled away. You don’t necessarily need to pay the lawn crew if you have other debris removal options. For instance, if the trash pickup in your area also picks up yard waste, you can have the hedge trimming professionals bag the debris and wait for the trash pickup to collect it. 

Level of Difficulty

If the hedges you need trimmed are very accessible and easy to reach, the cost of hedge trimming will be low. However, there will be additional costs if power lines, structures, buildings, and other obstructions hinder the lawn crew from accessing the hedges.

If the terrain of your garden or the slope of your property makes it challenging to complete the trimming tasks, it will affect the cost of the hedge trimming services. The difficulty level leads to the crew spending more hours and charging you higher hourly rates. 


When it comes to trimming the bushes, height is among the factors that lawn crew consider when calculating the cost of hedge trimming. Generally, the higher the hedge, the more the trimming costs. 

In most cases, the hedge trimming crew will trim up to six feet without using a ladder. If the hedge is taller, they can use a ladder to reach heights between 10 and 15 feet. However, it may be challenging to trim hedges above 15 feet. It is recommendable to hire an arborist if the hedges are higher than 15 feet. 

The height of the hedges increases the surface area that requires cutting and the duration to finish the trimming service. Therefore, the crew has to charge you more for taller hedges. Most hedge trimming crew can offer you an on-site cost estimate for free before starting the job. 

Extra Services

If you need other services from the lawn care crew when they visit your property to trim, you can request them the service for a fee. You may need extra services such as:

  • Lawn Mowing 

Rather than requesting lawn mowing services from other service providers, you can let the crew trim and mow your garden at the same time. Averagely, it will cost you $25-$80 per weekly cut. The price is mainly dependent on the size of your lawn, and the time it will take to mow it. 

  • Bush Trimming 

If your landscape has free-standing bushes that need to be cut or trimmed, you can get the service from your hedge trimming crew. The cost of bush trimming depends on the size of the bush. On average, the cost can be: 

  • Small: $4
  • Medium: $6
  • Large: $10
  • Extra-large: $16
  • Planting Flowers 

To add beauty to your lawn, you can the hedge trimming crew plant flowers or install other ornamental plants while trimming your hedges. Averagely, landscaping installation service costs between $4 to $14 per square foot. Planting trees is cheaper than installing ornamental plants and other landscaping features. 

Hedge Trimming Cost by Location

Besides the factors we’ve mentioned earlier, location is also a determining factor in the cost of hedge trimming. The cost of hedge trimming varies from one region to another. 

Generally, hedge trimming costs are high in densely populated areas and most urban areas. However, the cost is relatively cheap in suburbs and rural areas. 

The Cost of DIY Hedge Trimming

You can decide to trim your hedges yourself if the task is manageable and you have the right equipment to get the job done. When calculating the cost of DIY hedge trimming, you should consider the following: 

Trimming Equipment

You need a hedge trimmer to carry out the task. You can purchase a gas-powered, electric, or manual hedge trimmer depending on the trimming task. Averagely, you can purchase a good hedge trimmer for about $123. Most trimmers range between $33 and $320.

If you are on a budget and cannot buy new trimming equipment, you can buy second-hand hedge trimmers from dealers. Alternatively, you can visit local hardware stores and rent a good trimmer for a few hours, days, or weeks. It will cost you around $30 to rent a trimmer for 4 hours. 

DIY Hedge Trimming Process

Besides having the trimming equipment, you need to know to trim. You can trim easily using these few steps:

  1. Take a tarp and your electric or gas-powered hedge trimmer.
  2. Spread the tarp down 
  3. Start trimming at the top of your hedge while positioning your trimmer flat and level. 
  4. Once you’ve trimmed on the top, trim on the edges and sides. To ensure that the sun and rain will reach the bottom, trim the hedge in a way that leaves the base more expansive than the top.
  5. Roll up your tarp and bag the hedge trimming.

Professional Trimming Cost vs. DIY Cost

When it comes to hedge trimming, you have two choices; DIY or lawn care professional services. Before you decide which is better, you need to understand the cost. Consequently, you need to understand when to request professional services or go the DIY way. 

If the hedges are still short, you can manage to trim them yourself. However, if they grow taller and your lawn is vast, it would be best to leave the task to professionals. Averagely, hedge trimming personnel will charge you about $63 per hour to trim your hedges. The cost can go higher or lower depending on the task at hand. 

If you own a trimmer, you can also opt to trim them yourself. You can also rent a trimmer for approximately $30 for four hours. If you cannot buy or rent, you can borrow the equipment from your neighbor and get the work done. 


Having a hedge adds privacy to your property, reduces wind, and makes your outdoor space look beautiful. However, to enhance and maintain the beauty of the landscape, you need to keep the hedges well-trimmed.

You will need a hedge trimmer to maintain your hedges. This article has provided you with knowledge on the costs of various types of hedge trimmers. More so, you’ve known the costs for DIY trimming and professional trimming.

If you have learned something valuable, comment below and share this post widely!

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