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Tool Care Guides

We're a small team of passionate engineers, machinists, and craftsmen who always loved tools. Whether it was rock climbing, or rock hounding we have always had a tool that I have cherished. The love of tools has led us to collecting different types of hammers, screwdrivers, pliers and even more recently we found ourselves trying to collect as many different types of godet as possible. If you're not sure how to care for your tools, or where to go for information on this topic, then continue reading our Tool Care Guides blog

What Lawn Mower Blade Do I Need

What Lawn Mower Blade Do I Need?

Who doesn’t love a well-maintained and mowed lawn? Well, we all want a yard with short grass and clean cuts. Besides investing in a lawnmower, you need suitable blades to achieve clean cuts and a lush yard. The blade you have installed in your mower is a significant determinant of the cut quality the mower will achieve. Therefore, you must understand the different blades you can use and their working functionality.  Mostly, mowers are limited… Read More »What Lawn Mower Blade Do I Need?

How Much Does a Lawn Mower Cost

How Much Does a Lawn Mower Cost?

If you want your lawn to be lush and healthy, you must care for and maintain it. You will have to water, fertilize, and keep the yard clean for the best results. Additionally, your lawn needs regular mowing to keep the landscape looking good throughout the seasons. Regular mowing can be expensive if you rely on outsourcing mowing services from grass-cutting companies.  These companies may charge you $30 to $70 per session. The best way… Read More »How Much Does a Lawn Mower Cost?

How Much Does a Hedge Trimmer Cost

How Much Does a Hedge Trimmer Cost?

If you are like me, you love having a well-maintained garden with professionally looking hedges. To achieve a beautiful garden, you will need the services of a hedge trimmer. Hedge trimmers are versatile gardening tools that help trim and clear bushes, hedges, and shrubs. Traditionally, one had to trim the hedges manually, but with recent technology, you can use powered hedge trimmers.  Whether you need an electric hedge trimmer or a gas-powered one, their cost… Read More »How Much Does a Hedge Trimmer Cost?

Which is Better Gas or Battery Hedge Trimmer

Which Does the Job Better: Gas or Electric Hedge Trimmer?

Nothing completes the beauty of your backyard than well-trimmed hedges. However, trimming once is never enough. You need to maintain the hedges and trim regularly. In that case, you will need a trimmer. If you’ve ever used a manual hedge trimmer or shears to trim your hedges, you know how time-consuming and tiresome they are. So, to achieve the best results, what should you opt for?  Powered hedge trimmers are the best option for maintaining… Read More »Which Does the Job Better: Gas or Electric Hedge Trimmer?

Is String Trimmer Line Biodegradable

Is String Trimmer Line Biodegradable?

First of all, let’s enlighten ourselves. What are string trimmers? They are handy machines used to cut weeds and grass. For a traditional string trimmer line, its working mechanism involves the nylon line, a synthetic polymer whirring that revolves at high speed—as a result, trimming the weeds, shrubs, and grass. Does a biodegradable line trimmer even exist? That’s a question you would probably ask yourself once you come across a line trimmer scattering tiny plastic… Read More »Is String Trimmer Line Biodegradable?

Are Chainsaw Chains Interchangeable

Are Chainsaw Chains Interchangeable?

If you are new to chainsaws, you might be wondering if you can interchange the chain when it becomes blunt. However, this is always confusing since numerous brands have various chain types. You might not have an idea if a particular brand or type of chain is a good fit for your chainsaw or not. The most fundamental key is always to know the type of chain you are using, the dimensions, and the tasks… Read More »Are Chainsaw Chains Interchangeable?

Are Lawn Edgers Worth It

Are Lawn Edgers Worth it?

Having a well-trimmed and mowed lawn makes your home appear beautiful and raises your confidence whenever you have visitors. You should also strive always to have well-trimmed hedges and cut your grass to ensure your lawn is evergreen. Achieving all these requires more than a lawn mower. Since lawn mowers are bulky and wide, they may not reach areas such as flower beds, walkways, and paved driveways. If you decide not to mow these areas,… Read More »Are Lawn Edgers Worth it?

How to Clean a Lawn Mower Grass Bag

How to Clean a Lawn Mower Grass Bag?

Do you want your lawnmower to last longer and always work at optimum levels? If yes, you need to maintain it properly. One of the main ways to care for your lawnmower is by cleaning the lawn mower grass bag. But how do you clean the lawn mower grass bag? Where do you start? You should begin by removing the dust or dry matter clogged in. Next, clean it using water and finally deep clean… Read More »How to Clean a Lawn Mower Grass Bag?

How to Sharpen a Lawn Edger Blade

How to Sharpen a Lawn Edger Blade?

Are you wondering why your lawn edger is not making clean cuts? That’s probably because the lawn edger blades have become dull. So, the best fix is to sharpen the lawn edger blade. Once the lawn edger blades are sharp, they will stop tearing and ripping the grass and make clean cuts. Thus, giving you your desired results.  You are probably wondering,” How do I sharpen the lawn edger blade?” Well, this blog post will… Read More »How to Sharpen a Lawn Edger Blade?

How to Safely Use a Log Splitter - Log Splitter Safety Tips

How to Safely Use a Log Splitter – Log Splitter Safety Tips

Do you often use log splitters to chop your firewood? Are you planning to invest in a log splitter in preparation for the winter? Or are you  upgrading your log cutting equipment?  Of course, the log splitter is a great addition to your workshop. In fact, you will learn it is not only convenient but also safer and easier to use than the axe or chainsaw. But the most recurrent question could be how can… Read More »How to Safely Use a Log Splitter – Log Splitter Safety Tips