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BOSCH vs DEWALT Wood Router | Which Router Kits Should You Buy?

BOSCH vs DEWALT Wood Router

Bosch and Dewalt’s routers rule the power tool industry!

And choosing between the two leaves many woodworkers on a crossroads. But which one would you choose, Bosch or Dewalt routers?

The perfect answer to this question would be a versatile, reliable, and sturdy router combo that will match your needs. Both Bosch and Dewalt fit this description. The truth is, you can never go wrong with either of these two. 

Bosch and Dewalt’s wood routers are durable, robust, well-built, and multi-faceted. These two power tools come with an impressive speed that every woodworker desires if you are looking for speed.

Choosing between these two top brands is mind-boggling, but you have to take a router power machine home. Which one should you choose? Easy!

Our guide here seeks to compare these two wood router kits. We will examine further Bosch and DeWalt routers and tell you the main differences between these two high-end brands. In addition, it gives you the overview, pros, and cons and guides you to get the right tool for your workshop.

Bosch Wood Router Overview

Bosch wood router is a technology by a German manufacturer which offers a reliable and durable power tool. The company by Robert Bosch has been in existence since 1886.

With almost 130 years of operation, the company deals with various home equipment and tools, including saws, hammer drills, wood routers, and other tools in woodwork and other fields.

But the bosch wood routers are no ordinary woodwork power tools. The routers have ergonomics that facilitate cutting through hardwood and edges. The large inbuilt motor comes with a powerful horsepower and high RPM rating.

With a Bosch router in your workshop, you have no worries about its compatibility with different router tables. All you will need to find out before installation is the router table that matches with the router. Otherwise, you have a versatile tool that will cut perfect edges, trimming, slots, and many other applications.

Indeed, Bosch router kits are woodworkers’ most professional accompaniments and rank high in performance and robustness.


To understand how the Bosch wood router operates, we have to look at the specifications of this power tool. So what are the main features of a bosch wood router?

Motor Power

Routers run on motor power, and without a powerful motor, the tool will not achieve its mandate. One consistent spec the Bosch manufacturer strives to achieve when building woodwork tools is installing powerful engines on all machines. That includes the routers. Bosch routers have a reputation for high-performing motors. The feature is essential for cutting through the most rigid boards yet leaving a smooth finish.


Speed is a feature for achieving a high output. Bosch wood router brands come loaded with powerful variable speed combined with the motor power to work on your targets. Whether it’s a cutter, large, or small-diameter bit, the speeds adjustments are available to ensure that you get your desired outcome.

In addition, you can adjust the bit speeds for different materials, including laminated boards and softwoods. Still, on speed, the Bosch router has constant response circuitry for maintaining consistent speeds throughout the cutting process. The feature ensures consistency and accuracy.


When you walk home with a Bosch wood router, you have a durable power tool. All the models come with aluminum motor housing and bases. In addition, the power switch is dust-sealed for extra durability.

This bosch toolkit will not break easily, and it will live in your workshop as long as you undertake the regular maintenance procedures.


Bosch wood router is one of the most user-friendly tools to use in woodwork. First, its soft gripped handle will never give you blisters. In addition, the grip allows you to take complete control of the tool as you cut various depths. 

Bosch also has smooth wooden handles for smooth handling and convenience. We can’t forget to mention the long electric cord that allows you space to move around as you maneuver through your wood.

Fixed Base Cuts

Bosch wood router kit provides all the necessary components that you need for fixed-depth routing. Firstly, there are the microfine bit-depth adjustments at the base of the machine. The tool has accuracy ranges to allow precise cuts.

Then comes features like the Bosch Precision Centering Design. With the attribute, you can maintain the bit in position for the desired cutting line.

The bit stays at the center of the sub-base or template guides. So, if you intend to cut templates, jigs, or dovetail fixtures, you can count on a Bosch wood router.

Collet Size and Cutting Depth

Bosch routers have specific collets fittings that allow easier changing of the bits. The collet size and cutting depth features allow adjustments so that the cutting is consistent and precise.

Why You Should Buy Bosch Wood Router

Bosch is an excellent product that makes routing much more manageable. The router’s Precision Centering Design is commendable for accuracy, significantly when cutting dovetails, jigs, and templates.

Considering, Bosch 1617EVSPK is a powerful and durable tool with many desirable features that make the tool ideal for any professional. Bosch 1617EVSPK wood router is reliable with 12amp, 2.5HP motor power. The soft-start technology has a constant response circuit that provides a wide range of speeds from 8000 to 25000 RPM. Bosch 1617EVSPK is compatible with most router tables, including the RA1171 table.

Pros & Cons of Bosch Wood Router

If you are a beginner in woodwork and are still hunting for tools like wood routers, you must examine the pros and cons before taking any tool home. As we mentioned earlier, the Bosch wood router is a power tool that you can count on your professional woodwork procedures. The device comes with both positives and negatives. Benefits and detriments. Have a look;


  • Variable Speed: Bosch wood router has variable speeds, which allows you to choose the most ideal for your situation. The speeds can be as low as 8000rpm and as high as 25000 rpm. The variance will allow you to utilize depending on the task at hand. With Bosch’s Response Circuitry, it is possible to maintain a constant speed for specific jobs.
  • Reasonable Height Control: This wood router offers a no-tool mechanism holding coarse and fine adjustments. You can control the height with the dial system for precision.
  • Fixed and Plunge base: A router that combines both a fixed base and a plunge base offers space for various jobs that require extensive and small base diameters.
  • Quick Clamp system: The Quick Clamp system on both the plunge and fixed bases is an added advantage for this tool. The feature helps the motor shift from the plunge base to the fixed base and the reverse easily and quickly.   
  • Soft start engine: Bosch wood routers have this feature to reduce start-up torque and regulate the engine’s speed. Soft start also raises the RPM gradually until it reaches its peak.
  • Versatile: Bosch wood routers are versatile. You will find them helpful in a wide range of applications, including trimming, precise bit plunging, rabbiting joint, edge forming, slot cutting, and dovetail cutting. 
  • Easy to use routers: Boschs are uncomplicated tools. All the features are generally easy to adjust and use.


  • Bosch brands are expensive.
  • Most bosch wood routers do not come with a dust collection feature, so you have to purchase.

DeWalt Wood Router Overview

Since 1992, Dewalt, an American-based company DeWalt, has made electric tools whose brand name is not new to the woodwork market. Among the tools is the Dewalt wood router. 

The company takes innovation by building a fixed and plunge base combo with more powerful and compound functions.  

Dewalt boasts of variable speeds and superior horsepower. You can adjust speed depending on the type of material or cut you are working on. These routers cut wood with ease and accuracy, whether softwood, hardwood, or laminated boards. 

This brand of routers has lower a low profile motor that makes it more stable. In addition, most of its routers come with a soft start to reduce torque and increase engine power. With the tool, you will find the motor adjustments smooth and easy.  

Like the Bosch wood routers, this brand is also famous and familiar among woodwork professionals.


Here are the key features of the Dewalt wood router.  

Motor Power

Dewalt’s horsepower is solid and on the peak. The motor strength combined with other features such as speed and grip adds to major cutting powers through all types of wood material. And like the Bosch routers, the brand devices come with a soft start for reducing the power load when powering up.


Without speed, a router is not valid. You will rarely accomplish your job. Dewalt wood routers possess a speed attribute that moves from 80000 to 24000 pm. For instance, a DeWalt combo kit can move from 8,000 to 24,000 RPM. The maximum speed is one the highest in the industry. It is powerful enough to rip through different wood types and depths. Additionally, the tool retains constant speed until the task is complete.


Durability is all about material composition. For the Dewalt wood routers, you have a unique tool with a steel base, nickel housing and brass bushings. Additionally, the rubbery handles give you have a firm hold. With such durability, the Dewalt wood router will stay in your workshop for ages.


User-friendliness is part of every excellent tool design. Dewalt has two rubber handles that attach to the tool at an angle; the rubber ensures a firm and safe grip. The router also comes with a spindle lock and wrench. These two enable you to change the bits fast and easily.  

Dust Collection

For easy maintenance and waste control, DeWalt has efficient dust collecting feature. The system taps wood dust for later disposal when you finish your task. The most significant benefit of this feature is that it gives your tool a clean look and adds to its durability.

Collet Size and Cutting Depth

DeWalt wood routers come with an option to pick different collets when making additional cuts. Some Dewalt routers have self-releasing, long, and multiple slotted collets for the best bit retention. The collets also eliminate frozen bits.

Why You Should Buy DeWalt Wood Router

When you consider a DeWaltDW618PK wood router, you add an excellent tool loaded with power and precision to your woodwork tools. You will get superior features that many brands in the industry do not offer. The tools comes with a powerful motor and good speed. It is also lightweight for use all day, plus you have a self-sufficient dust collecting system for protecting you against inhaling dust. The feature protects your tool’s sensitive parts, such as the engine.

DeWaltDW618PK comes with 12amp, 2.25HP motor power with variable speed between 8000 to 24000RPM. There is two bases- Fixed and Plunged provides stability and lesser force to work. Robust design & durability make DeWaltDW618PK very ergonomic,

Pros & Cons of Dewalt Wood Router

Dewalt routers are perfect tools for anyone looking for a precise, robust, durable tool. But it is normal for this wonder tool to have strengths and weaknesses. If you are still undecided between the Dewalt and Bosch brands, the pros and cons will help you further.


  • Dust collection system: Routers produce fine dust, which can be unhealthy if you inhale. The dirt also damages some tool parts, such as the bearings, reducing their quality and durability. The dust collecting system is a plus for the sake of your health and the tool’s durability.
  • Soft start: soft start technique is an engine component that reduces torque. The tool begins running at a low speed then gradually increases the rate until it attains high speed. It is a safety feature for many power engines.
  • Dewalt has fixed base, plunge base, and combo routers. You can pick the separate or the combo kit, depending on your pocket.
  • Lightweight: Dewalt wood routers are light and easy to work around with all day.
  • Slightly affordable: Compared to the competitor, bosch, Dewalt is a cheaper alternative, thus a budget wood router.
  • Have a versatile and ergonomic design: Dewalt brands are user-friendly; from the rubber handle grips to versatility in bits, the router’s creation is one of the best woodwork tools.


  • No edge tool guide
  • Lower RPM speed than Bosch
  • Short cord length of eight feet long
  • Suitable for DIY setup and not for commercial use

What Are The Main Differences Between Bosch vs Dewalt Wood Router?

To understand the main difference between these wood routers depend on several factors, we will compare the main features discussed earlier.

Dust collecting system

Dewalt has an extra feature for collecting dust emitted during the cutting process while

Bosch doe not have the feature. But you can make arrangements to order for the quality at an extra cost.

Winner: Dewalt wood routers

Variable speed

Bosch has a full-speed coupled with various adjustments depending on the wood you are working on. That includes a high rpm. Dewalt has variable speeds by much lower rpm.

Winner: Bosch

Cord length

Most Bosch wood routers come with a 10-feet cord, while Dewalt routers have an 8-feet cord. The greater length, the better the maneuverability.

Winner: Bosch wood routers


Bosch: Bosch is more expensive when compared to Dewalt. Dewalt routers are pocket-friendly, thus ideal if you are working on a squeezed budget.

Winner: Dewalt wood routers

Edge tool guide

Bosch includes this unique feature in most wood routers, but the edge tool guide is missing in the Dewalt routers.

Winner: Bosch wood routers


Bosch is known to endure heavy commercial projects while Dewalt wins in light tasks or DIY setup. If you are hunting for power tools for your new commercial woodwork workshop, get yourself a Bosch wood router. 

Bosch is costly but worth the deep pocket. You can add your home list of tools by buying Dewalt for your simple and less involving carpentry repairs and upgrades around your home.

Winner: Tie

Which is the best woodworking router?

To be precise, the right wood router for you depends on your project. If you have a large-scale project that requires more output, a Bosch wood router will do you justice. The tool will produce excellent outcomes because it is more powerful and speedy. Bosch is versatile and will help you acquire a wide range of results; trimming, dovetails, edges, etc.

The rotational speed or revolutions per minute (rpm) is relatively high on the Bosch wood router machine. In addition, you will have a tool that will last for years in your workshop as the brand has a toughly built aluminum metal body.

But that is not to shun you from considering the Dewalt range of wood routers. The tools are also reputable for their strong motor. You can buy a Dewalt wood router if you have a small ongoing project that you wish to accomplish at home.

Dewalt is excellent for DIY tasks. The reason is the lower rpm, which may not give you high output like Bosch. With a feature like the dust collecting system, this wood router is irresistible.

Winner: Dewalt and Bosch wood routers.

Final Thoughts: Bosch vs. DeWalt Wood Router

By comparing Bosch 1617EVSPK vs. DeWalt DW618PK wood router brands, you have made the best decision. Neither Bosch nor the DEWALT model can sway you without taking a deeper inspection of your needs and budget. You will never regret buying any of these two wood routers.

Both brands are durable, versatile, powerful, and speedy machines. If it is a commercial use too, Bosch wins, but you will pay more. Dewalt wins for light projects, home, or DIY applications, but you will pay less than the bosch brand.

Do not forget to tell us your experience of picking between these two giant players in the woodwork industry!

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